About Us

We’re a top football agent in the UK, working with players from Ghana and other countries and offering consulting and talent management services. 

About Angelic Sports Consult

Angelic Sports Consult UK Ltd is an international football agency based in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our professional soccer players that qualify past our qualification assessment. Our sole aim is to become an all-inclusive industry, benchmark, and inspire forward thinking transparency in dealing for services provided within the professional soccer industry.

Grow your Career with Top Football Agents in the UK.

Looking to get your career up and growing in the European football industry? Angelic Sports Consult UK is the go-t0 place, offering you an-all-round services. 

Why Work with Us?

Angelic Sports Consult UK Ltd, prides itself in working with the best football players with world-class qualities. We pride ourselves in our professional management of players. 

English Speaking

Our players can speak English and relate with teams in the UK and across Europe.

Good Ethics

We deal with players with good ethics, qualities and very disciplined.

Talented & SKilled

Our players are superstars that are highly talented and skilled in their various areas.


Our players are friendly and have good interpersonal and social skills.


Angelic Sports Consults takes pride in dealing professionally with players and others.

Coaching & Guidance

Our players are coached, guided and probed to offer an become the best of themselves.

Our Partners & Associations

Below entails some of the clubs, teams and partners we work with in the UK for management of players and career development of our stars.