Our Services

The following includes the services we offer as one of the top football agents in the UK. 

How Can We Help?

Our services cover a wide range of areas to ensure your football career can be equally tactical both on and off the picth.

Sponsorship & Commercial Opportunities

We leverage our global network of partners to find sponsorships, opportunities and more for upcoming football stars.

Law at Work

We work with partners, players and all other team players to ensure all professionals operate according accepted coe of ethics.

Career Guidance & Long-Term Development

We start off players, develop them, unleash their potentials and help them became the best players they can ever be.

Lifestyle Management

As a top football agency in the UK, we also ensure players are in good shape, good health and sound mind to play games .

Contractual Negotiations

Our team of experts deal with professional football teams and associations and negotiate deals professionally for players.

Financial Services Support

We work with financial bodies, and agencies to secure financial support for players while growing their career.

Why Work with Us?

Angelic Sports Consult UK Ltd, prides itself in working with the best football players with world-class qualities. We pride ourselves in our professional management of players. 

English Speaking

Our players can speak English and relate with teams in the UK and across Europe.

Good Ethics

We deal with players with good ethics, qualities and very disciplined.

Talented & SKilled

Our players are superstars that are highly talented and skilled in their various areas.


Our players are friendly and have good interpersonal and social skills.


Angelic Sports Consults takes pride in dealing professionally with players and others.

Coaching & Guidance

Our players are coached, guided and probed to offer an become the best of themselves.

Grow your Career with Top Football Agents in the UK.

Looking to get your career up and growing in the European football industry? Angelic Sports Consult UK is the go-t0 place, offering you an-all-round services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the key questions asked.

You first have to register and complete an assessment for approval. 

You need to contact our Ghana phone and email address for more details.

We manage local and football players in and across the UK.

Yes, please that meet the standards.